Friday, July 25, 2008

Olympics Time

Since we can't all be going to the Olymipics in China, it might be fun to have a party and invite friends / family over to watch the different events. has tons of novelties for sports themed parties.

You can use gold ball lite cubes instead of ice cubes for drinks or even for lighting up the rooms.

When it comes to making a lot of noise cheering for your countries team nothing beats a maraca, horn or clapper shapped like a baseball or basketball. You can use the lanyards or sunglasses for door prizes or gifts if you want to make bets on who wins the medals.

Another fun idea is to have gumball machines so everyone can help themselves to snacks.

I'd also suggest wearing a hat or lanyard showing off your nations flag in case anyone forgets who your cheering for.

In all, any Olympic themed party is possible if you go to