Sunday, November 23, 2008

Have a little elfish fun this Christmas...

Elves are known to be tiny, dwarf-like creatures, either male or female, with pointed ears. They are youthful but immortal and have magical powers that can control what you see and experience. Their houses are said to be underground, in forests, or in springs and wells, but no one really knows )except Partymart) about it because they keep their location a secret!

It is also believed that on the 6th of January the elves light up their torches and come down from their secret village in the mountain to play in a hidden field to celebrate the last day of Christmas.

But do you know who these elves are?

At one stage it was thought that the elves lived in Father Christmas' (Santa's) village in the North Pole. However, many years ago it was discovered that there are no reindeer in the North Pole, but there are lots in Lapland, Finland.

Since reindeers draw the sleigh of Santa Claus, he must be living in an area, where there are large number of Reindeer.

Since then, it is believed that there is a secret village with a secret passage, somewhere in Lapland, where Santa, his wife and his team of elves live. Nobody has actually seen their village because the passage to it is a secret that is known only to Father Christmas and the elves. But people believe that it is somewhere on the Korvatunturi mountain in the Savukoski county of Lapland, Finland, which is on the Finnish-Russian border.

Some people think that Santa employs six elves, while others think that he has nine elf assistants. Others think that there are as many as 13 elves living with Santa to help him. Elves are very clever. They help Santa to design toys and process requests of children that are sent to them through snail mail or emails.

Of the six popular Elves, we know of;

Elf 1. Alabaster Snowball (Administrator of the Naughty & Nice list).

Elf 2. Bushy Evergreen (Inventor of the magic toy-making machine).

Elf 3. Pepper Minstix (Guardian of the secret of where Father Christmas's village is located).

Elf 4. Shinny Upatree (The oldest friend of Santa and the co-founder of the secret village in Lapland).

Elf 5. Sugarplum Mary (Head of the Sweet Treats, she is also known as Mary Christmas. She is an assistant to Mrs. Claus and helps her in the kitchen).

Elf 6. Wunorse Openslae (Designer of Father Christmas's sleigh and responsible for its maintenance. He also looks after the reindeers and it is believed that his reindeers reach speeds faster than Christmas tree lights).

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Be the Best Santa this Christmas...

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