Thursday, June 4, 2009

Off to the beach...

When I was younger one of my favourite things to do was go to the beach. Now that I am older it is still fun to do. Thanks to I have access to tons of cool things to help make a beach party more fun. If you and your friends / family ever plan to have a big beach party why not pick up some beach themed items to help make it easier?

I personally recommend an inflatable cooler for drinks for starters. Then go ahead and get some palm tree cups or coconut cups. If your party is during the day you might want to get some sunglasses and hats. I recommend getting the fun in the sun hat myself as well as the martini sunglasses.

If you don’t feel like bringing chairs or towels to sit on why not go with some fun inflatable chairs or a beach mat? We even have some fun beach games you can play like inflatable beach balls, an inflatable cactus ring toss game or you can use some mini footballs.

So if you are on the beaches this summer why not call Partymart and spruce up the party. Feel free to send I pictures of the fun, I know I will be.